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HOMEWORLD 3 is now available worldwide on Steam and EGS!

Brand New Story

Homeworld 3 is set 100 years after the events of Homeworld 2. It introduces a brand-new protagonist, scientist Imogen S’Jet – the protégé of Karan S’Jet – who must become Fleet Command to solve the mystery behind Karan’s disappearance and determine the meaning of “the anomaly”, a threat that endangers the galaxy’s future.
Catch up on the Story so Far in this Blog Post.

Stunning 3D Space Combat

Homeworld 3 takes the signature, intense combat and simulated ballistics of the Homeworld series to the next level. New innovative features are introduced for players that open new dimensions of strategic gameplay including cover- based tactics and maps containing complex, varied terrain. These are all rendered in stunning, state-of-the-art graphics that simulate real-time ship damage, dynamic ship destruction, and situationally responsive audio to create a deep sense of immersion and realism.

Watch the Overview Trailer and get up to speen on what to expect in Homeworld 3.

War Games Mode

War Games is a new co-op mode that fuses Homeworld’s iconic RTS gameplay with roguelike elements. It enables players to take on a randomized series of combat missions and with unique challenges. Up to three commanders (players) must manage their fleet strength across each battle and then claim powerful rewards with each victory. Players will unlock incredible powers based on the results of those battles that ultimately carry over into their next run.

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Players experienced War Games for the first time back in February 2024. Read about our commitment to listening to player feedback and the changes we’ve made here.

Homeworld 3’s Year One Content includes additional content for the War Games game mode such as new challenges, artifacts, classes, systems, maps and playable factions.

Skirmish Mode

In addition to the brand-new narrative campaign Homeworld 3 also includes the classic Skirmish mode for players to test their tactical skills. Players can battle with human and AI opponents in 1 vs. 1 duals, team-based slugfests, or free for-all combat with up to six total players. Modding will be supported in this mode through a partnership with offering players integrated tools to create, share and play new Skirmish maps. The Homeworld 3 Unreal Editor will be available after launch for those looking to create their own mods for this mode!

Play Homeworld 3 Now on Steam and EGS!

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