Hello, Commanders.

We are rapidly approaching the launch of Homeworld 3 on May 13.

Our teams are hard at work in preparation, including incorporating invaluable feedback received after the recent War Games Demo, where players experienced Homeworld 3 for the first time.

During the demo, participants had the opportunity to refresh themselves with our in-game briefing containing the history of the Hiigarans so far. We are sharing it again here, ahead of launch for those looking for additional information that might have missed it.

While familiarity with previous events is advantageous, it is not a prerequisite for fully enjoying the story campaign in Homeworld 3.

The History of Homeworld

The barren desert planet of Kharak is home to a resilient but divided people, known as The Kushan. They fought over resources under a burning sun for thousands of years.

Everything changed when Rachel S’Jet discovered something buried deep beneath the unforgiving sands. It was an ancient technology that would allow the Kushan to escape their dying world: A hyperspace core. And with it, a map that pointed the way to the true home of the Kushan: Hiigara.

The Kushan put aside their differences, and for 100 years worked together to construct a grand Mothership that could transport 600,000 Kushan to Hiigara.

Karan S’Jet, Rachel’s descendent, volunteered to be bound, body and mind, to the Mothership. Through her sacrifice, she became its Navigator and “Fleet Command”, guiding the Kushan to their true home.

Unfortunately, the efforts of the Kushan did not go unnoticed.

The Taiidan Empire, a powerful enemy who had exiled the Kushan to Kharak 4000 years ago, took swift and devastating action.

While Kharak burned, Karan rescued all that remained of her people. Instead of fleeing into the dark, Karan turned the Mothership into the tip of a spear. A spear aimed directly at Hiigara.

War ensued against the Taiidan empire, and through the struggle, Karan’s fleet emerged victorious.

The Taiidan Empire was shattered and the Kushan reclaimed their homeworld, becoming Hiigarans once more. At this time, Karan learned of the existence of two other hyperspace cores.

The first of these was gifted to Karan by The Bentusi, an ancient race who called no planet home and lived only among the stars.

The final core was won by Karan upon defeating The Vaygr, a vicious foe who sought to control the cores at any cost.

Karan united all three cores aboard the legendary Progenitor mothership Sajuuk and, in doing so, unlocked a vast hyperspace gate network that enabled interstellar travel for all.

Trade and Culture spread effortlessly between the stars. Population centers grew in places previously inaccessible, and the galaxy was united in peace.

Thus began The Age of S’Jet.

During this peaceful time, there was a region deep in the Outer Rim from which no ship ever returned. It became known as The Anomaly.

Gates in this area were erratic and dangerous. Thousands of lives were lost. Eventually these gates went completely dark, and The Anomaly spread.

Karan S’Jet, aboard a new mothership, the Khar-Sajuuk, was sent to find the source of The Anomaly and stop it. She never returned.

Twenty years later the burden falls to Karan’s protégé: Imogen S’Jet. This is where our story for Homeworld 3 begins.

We’re looking forward to launching off on the search for the Khar-Sajuuk with you on May 13. Play on May 10 with advance access granted to players at the Fleet Command level, including those with Collectors Editions, and Fig backers.

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