Hey Everyone,  

We are less than a week away from the launch of Homeworld 3! It’s hard to put into words how it feels to be so close to putting this game in your hands. 

It’s time we gave you more information about modding. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen challenges our custom Homeworld 3 Unreal 4 editor will be initially unavailable at launch. 

We’ve been working with members of our modding community behind the scenes who have been giving us ongoing feedback. It’s important to us that we get this vital part of the Homeworld experience up to the standards you expect, and this will take a little bit longer. 

The Homeworld 3 page will still be available on May 10, as will the Mods tab within the game.  

We are continuing to finalize the editor for public release and hope to have an update on when that will be live in the very near future.  

We promised more information on tools prior to release, and here’s a little bit more information on what to expect: 

We’ve previously mentioned our partnership with is a platform that will be used as a hub to browse and download a variety of Homeworld 3 mods. The Homeworld 3 mod page will also have a section where players can upload and read documentation on modding with the Homeworld tools.  

// in-game in Homeworld 3 

Homeworld 3 has a custom browser that is meant to provide a frictionless experience for players to use custom, player-made Skirmish maps for their games. Once the custom Homeworld 3 Unreal editor is released, players will be able to browse, view, and download community mods from a custom Mod screen directly in-game! 

Mods that are not Skirmish maps are still able to be uploaded to Some advanced mods might require more complex steps to install than skirmish maps. 

As always, install mods at your own risk.  

// Modding and 

Players interested in jumping into modding for Homeworld 3 will be using the Homeworld 3 Unreal 4 Editor to develop their mods, which will be made available for download for free on the Epic Games Store. This will require some familiarity with Unreal Editor. There are many creators putting out informative, helpful tutorials and guides on how to use Unreal Editor before you get started.  

The Epic Game Store version of the game is not required to use or create mods in Homeworld 3. The Homeworld 3 Mod Editor is free to download. 

When uploading your mods, you’ll be able to tag the content with the mod type (Levels, Fleet Customization, etc) and the Game Mode (Skirmish, War Games, Campaign). At release of the tool, we might not have tags that service all the types of mods we see but will add them as they gain popularity. 

Skirmish Mode 

Skirmish has been a staple of Homeworld multiplayer gameplay since the beginning. In Skirmishes, players go head-to-head against friends, strangers, and the computer in classic deathmatch-style brawls. 

When Homeworld 3 launches, we’re going to have six skirmish maps available to fight in — each one a unique battlefield with its own terrain and layout that you’ll learn to exploit as your fleets clash with opposing teams.  

With modding, players aren’t limited to only using the provided Skirmish Maps. Using the available tools, modders will be able to pull in terrain and debris through various blueprints that you can place at-will to quickly assemble incredible maps.  

We’re excited to have you all jumping into the game on May 13*, and even more excited to see how modders jump into the modding tools to create their own content for Homeworld 3!  

*Play on May 10 with advance access granted to players at the Fleet Command level, including those with Collectors Editions, and Fig backers. 

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