A few months ago, PC Gamer came out to Vancouver for a sit-down and chat with Homeworld 3 developers Blackbird Interactive. The result is a new mini-documentary, released today, that goes in-depth on Homeworld 3’s new mechanics, design inspirations, and the “love letter to the fans of the franchise” that has been so meticulously crafted by the incredibly talented developers at Blackbird Interactive.  

Highlights in the mini-doc above include a deep dive on new cover-based tactics, where players will navigate around gigantic, dilapidated structures and find new optimal approach vectors across a vast array of diverse battlefields. The mini-doc also includes some inside looks at how BBI has raised the bar on visual and audio fidelity with Homeworld 3, so be sure to consult the system requirements post below to ensure you’re ready for launch on March 8, 2024.  

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