War Games mode fuses Homeworld’s RTS gameplay with roguelike inspiration, charging commanders to take on a randomized series of fleet combat challenges. Claim powerful Artifacts that augment your ships with more power, speed, and, of course, weapons. Based on your results, you’ll unlock new fleets to shake up your strategy.

This demo, available to all Steam and Epic Game Store players starting February 5 at 10am PT until February 12 at 10am PT, supports up to three players as they engage waves of hostiles in a series of increasingly challenging encounters. Players can find teammates through Quick Match or create a lobby to team up with friends online. 

It’s important to note that any Fleets or Artifacts you unlock in the War Games demo will carry over when Homeworld 3 launches. For players not using Steam Cloud Saves, make sure you don’t delete your demo files as we’ll be sharing info on the exact transfer process later.

Each level presents a greater challenge and new modifiers to your next War Games run. This demo will feature four different maps and a slew of things to unlock as you continue to play, including different starting fleets (maybe even an extra special one!) plus new Artifacts and more.

For more information, we shared more about War Games in our latest Dev Update and make sure to take a look at our War Games FAQ!

As always, you’re welcome to send your feedback via social channels, the Homeworld Universe Discord, and through our support page.  

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