Survive with this Community Guide from Attila

With Homeworld Remastered Collection launching on EGS this week — free now for a limited time! – some new players might be looking for help navigating the missions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, the campaigns included in the Homeworld Remastered Collection. Thankfully, the Homeworld community has produced volumes of mission guides, including in-depth video walkthroughs, that should help.    

This comprehensive guide comes via community member Attila and includes video walkthroughs of all 15 missions in Homeworld’s campaign. All videos and text below provided by Attila.   

Mission 1: Kharak System 

Homeworld Remastered Collection Campaign: Kharak System is like a small tutorial training mission. You only check out the system of your fleet prior to your first hyperjump. There is very little resources in that mission so you should build, a Salvage Corvette or 2. Retire the scouts to use their resources and build some Interceptors prior to moving to the next level. 

Mission 2: Outskirts of Kharak System 

Homeworld Remastered Collection: Outskirts of Kharak System put you in a skirmish against some pirates. The best strategy is to remain defensive and stay close to your mothership. Destroy the fighters and capture the corvettes you can. 

Mission 3: Return to Kharak 

Homeworld Remastered Collection Campaign: Return to Kharak put you into a pretty dramatic situation of your original world in flame. Your objective there is to capture some frigate using 2 salvage corvettes per frigates and pick up some Cryo Trays. So in the best condition your should have 4 or 6 Salvage Corvettes right a the beginning of this mission. 

Mission 4: Great Wastelands 

Homeworld Remastered Collection Campaign: Great Wastelands put make you meet the Bentusi that sell you the Ion Cannon technologies. It also allow you to get some resources for your attack on the Taiidan fleet. During this mission you will be able to capture a few Turanic Raiders ships if you play well. Once again the Salvage corvettes are your best friends, Starting with 8 to 12 of them is a good idea. If you use them well you could capture many ion cannon ships. 

Mission 5: Great Wastelands II 

Homeworld Remastered Collection Campaign: Great Wastelands II make you counter attack the fleet that destroyed your original world. In this mission your main objective is to destroy the enemy fleet. But the real objective is to capture as many as possible. More specifically, the destroyer. Salvage corvettes is the key once again. Take it easy and slow, make sure you have a good amount of Ion Cannon Corvette and capture those destroyer. Then Slip you fleet in multiple groups that for the following mission. 

Mission 6: Diamond Shoals 

Homeworld Remastered Collection Campaign Mission 6: Diamond Shoals is certainly the most annoying mission of the game. You need to destroy a lot of asteroid coming your way. Using Ion Cannon frigates and Destroyer you captured earlier is a good ideas. Apparently Defender fighter can give a good fight but from my experience fighters die quick in this so i choose to dock them. 

Mission 7: Gardens of Kadesh 

Homeworld Remastered Collection Campaign Mission 7: Gardens of Kadesh put you into a kinda dangerous situation where as soon as you start harvesting the nebula you will become under attack by a faction that focus on fighters. So take your time and reshape your fleet toward fighting fighters if necessary and then focus you forces toward defending your resource collector and capturing those fuel pod ships. 

Mission 8: Cathedral of Kadesh 

Homeworld Remastered Collection Campaign Mission 8: Cathedral of Kadesh make you fall into an ambush. Once again you will have to fight a lot of fighters and you can capture some fuel pod and multi beam frigate as a bonus. I recommend attacking the hostile motherships as fast as possible. 

Mission 9: Sea of Lost Souls 

In this level you meet a very dangerous ship that will capture any ship that is bigger then a frigate if you enter a certain radius arround it. So it’s really important to be carefull at first. Destroy or capture the fleet arround it. Get intel about it. Sell it to the your ally and from there you can simply go on. You can probably destroy the ship, but it will take a while using only fighters and covette. 

Mission 10: Supernova Station 

Homeworld Remastered Collection Campaign Mission 10 Supernova Station put you into an area of space that can damage your ships a lot with the radiations. To preserve the max ammount of ships. It’s best to dock all your small ships and only use your bigger ships that have better chance of survival in this place. You need to use the dust cloud to protect you ships, so just follow one of them and defeat the enemies on the way. It take a while but it’s not super complex. You can haveste ressources but it’s annoying, So I would recommend not to bother with that and just destroy the station. 

Mission 11: Tenhauser Gate 

Mission 12: Galactic Core 

Mission 13: Karos Graveyard 

Mission 14: Bridge of Sighs 

Mission 15: Chapel Perilous 

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