We’re excited to share that modders can now download the Homeworld 3 Mod Tools & Editor to create and distribute mods via! Players can easily download user created Skirmish maps to Homeworld 3 through the integrated menu!

For modders:

This editor is separate from Homeworld 3 and allows you to create content specifically for the game. It includes elements that can be used to create Skirmish maps and the packaging tool for exporting those maps for testing and uploading to

You can download the Homeworld 3 Mod Tools & Editor for free on the Epic Game Store.
Purchasing Homeworld 3 on EGS is not required to use the Homeworld 3 Mod Tools & Editor.

Once you have downloaded the Editor you will be able to start creating content!

Not sure where to get started?

We’ve worked with our partners at and a select group of modders to provide documentation to help you begin making mods for Homeworld 3! Most of this documentation will be focused on creating and uploading Skirmish maps.

Here’s an example of some of the guides that have been uploaded. See the full list in Guides on the Homeworld 3 page:

  • Modding: Unreal Engine – This guide covers the essential features and functions of the Unreal Engine 4 Editor, providing instructions and tips to help beginners navigate and use the tools effectively.
  • Modding: Create a Skirmish Map – Your first steps in creating your Skirmish Level, giving an overview on how to get started and references for the various sub-levels.
  • Modding: Publishing and Updating a Mod – A guide on how to distribute your mod on

For players:

You are now able to download mods for Skirmish maps from the in-game Homeworld 3 mod menu.

From the Mods menu, you’ll be able to browse and search for specific mods.
Only Skirmish Maps can be downloaded and run in the game without additional steps. For these mods, select “Subscribe and Install” to add them to your game.

Some mods will have a “Manual Install” tag applied to them. While these can be downloaded from the game client, you will need to perform additional steps to run them. Select “More Info” in the mod’s selection pop up to open a browser window that takes you to the page where you can see details about the mod and how to fully install it.

Enjoying a created mod?

Show support for your favorite mods and modders by giving their mods a “👍”! Rate mods through If you’re in-game, selecting “More Info” in the mod’s selection pop up and pressing 👍 on the mod page. Higher rated mods will appear first when sorted by Rating and will be more easily discoverable for other players.

We’re looking forward to seeing the maps and other creative ways that you’ll experience Homeworld 3 with the custom editor! Even more excited to play with you in multiplayer on your own maps!

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