Hello, Commanders,

Today we are releasing a hotfix (1.03) for Homeworld 3 that addresses some reported concerns we’ve seen from players, including AZERTY & QWERTZ key rebindings and a couple of progression blockers that some players were seeing. 

A note on “what is coming next” is still in the works and we’re hoping to release more information on the custom Homeworld 3 Unreal 4 editor soon. 

We have released an update for Homeworld 3, and added the following rebind controls:

  • Control Group key bindings are able to be rebound, allowing players using AZERTY and other keyboard types to use them
  • Menu & Cycle Production Unit Focus key bindings can now be rebound
    • Note: These two additions come with some untranslated new menu entries, but we wanted to unlock these features for players asap.
    • Translations on these menu options will be added in a future update.

In this update, we have also addressed the following concerns from players:


  • The War Games ProdBay map stuttered or lagged despite high framerates
  • Epic players were unable to invite other Epic players via the EGS overlay
  • The “Remove Player” button in lobbies was not consistently removing players
  • When lobby hosts selected “Return to Lobby” after a finished match, the “Abort Launch” would occasionally not reset for other players


  • Captured Incarnate Destroyers started attacking player units over time


  • There was a continuity discrepancy in the Campaign mission 13 intro cutscene
  • Players could occasionally be short 1 Resource Unit in Mission 1


  • Scrollbar appearance and hover behavior weren’t consistent and sometimes difficult to use

We are continuing to investigate the reports created for issues players are experiencing while playing Homeworld 3. Coming soon, we’ll have more information on some of the confirmed bug fixes that we have planned for the game. 

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