Hey everyone, thank you so much for joining us for launch.

Today we are releasing a hotfix (1.02) for Homeworld 3 that addresses a few quick-fix issues we’ve seen so far.
We know many of you have shared a much broader spectrum of feedback and we want you to know that we’re listening and digesting every piece of it. We are currently investigating what changes can be made and how they can be implemented, and appreciate your patience while we do so.

We’re looking to have a more thorough response soon that will speak to what we’ve heard from players and how we’ll be addressing your feedback. You can anticipate that message coming soon, but didn’t want that larger conversation to stop us from addressing bugs we’re able to fix now.

We have released an update for Homeworld 3 that addresses the following issues:

  • Entitlements for Fleet Command Extra Content, Backer Extra Content, Pre-Order bonus are not registered by the game on EGS.
  • A login screen would occasionally appear when losing connection in multiplayer lobbies.
  • Ships built from a Carrier could occasionally be unable to be selected and unresponsive to orders.
  • Another player joining a Skirmish lobby could reset the map selection to Deep Space

Looking forward, we are looking to release another update next week with improvements to AZERTY & QWERTZ key rebindings, and some progression-blocking bugs. We’ll be able to give more information on those when we’re closer to that update’s release.

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