Hype trailer for an upcoming documentary made in partnership with PC Gamer looking at the development of Homeworld 3. The documentary contains behind the scenes interviews with the development team. The full documentary will be available in December.

Homeworld 3 will explore an all-new story in the Homeworld universe. Imogen S’Jet, a scientist and Karan S’Jet’s successor, must become Fleet Command to help solve the mystery behind The Anomaly, a threat which endangers the galaxy’s future.

Homeworld 3 is an immersive cinematic experience that takes the series’ iconic 3D RTS gameplay to the next level with innovative features like cover-based tactics and physics-based ballistics simulation making space combat feel more dynamic than ever.

Players can also enjoy the robust competitive multiplayer Skirmish mode or recruit comrades to fight together in War Games, a new cooperative mode which fuses Homeworld’s strategic gameplay with roguelike challenge and progression.

Homeworld 3 launches on March 8th, 2024. Pre-Order today!

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