Attila helps us unite the Three Cores

With Homeworld Remastered Collection launching on EGS this week — free now for a limited time! – some new players might be looking for help navigating the missions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, the campaigns included in the Homeworld Remastered Collection. Thankfully, the Homeworld community has produced volumes of mission guides, including in-depth video walkthroughs, that should help.    

This comprehensive guide comes via community member Attila and includes video walkthroughs of all 15 missions in Homeworld’s campaign. All videos and text below provided by Attila.   

Mission 01: Tanis 

This is the first mission of the campaign. Not much strategy or challenge in that one but still. Don’t over spend resources on stuff you don’t need. 

Mission 02: Angel Moon 

This is the second mission and the trick is to send you ships as far as possible while you produce new one to deal with close enemies. Also destroying the carrier quickly help a lot. 

Mission 03: Sarum

Mission 04: Gehenna Outskirts 

This is a fairly strait forward mission. Stay focused on enemies of a specific area and you should be able to beat this mission fairly easily. 

Mission 05: Gehenna 

In this mission start attacking on the right first then middle and then left at last. It’s a good idea to keep your fighters docked to prevent your fleet from being spotted. 

Mission 06: Karos Graveyard 

In this mission it’s a good idea to keep the pressure on the incomming hostiles this way you can suppress them and advance nearly without opposition. 

Mission 07: Progenitor Foundry  

Mission 08: Dreadnaught Berth

Mission 09: Counter Attack 

Mission 10: Great Wastelands  

Mission 11: Bentusi Ruins 

Mission 12: Thaddis Sabbah 

Mission 13: Balcora Gate  

Mission 14: Balcora  

Mission 15: Return to Hiigara 

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